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Medway and Swale Joint Formulary

Welcome to the Medway and Swale joint formulary which contains the list of medicines approved for prescribing within the Medway and Swale Local health economy. The joint formulary also links to approved prescribing recommendations and guidelines.

The medicines, recommendations and guidelines listed have been approved by the Drugs and Therapeutics Committee (DTC), Medway Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Swale Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). The DTC represents Medway CCG, Swale CCG, Medway NHS Foundation Trust and Medway Community Healthcare.
The approved medicines have been selected on the basis of clinical effectiveness, cost effectiveness and patient acceptability. All medicines with positive NICE Technology Appraisal recommendations are automatically incorporated into the formulary in accordance to the mandate in the Innovation Health and Wealth document, December 2011.
Requests to add new medicines to the joint formulary should be made using the request form available here

In exceptional circumstances a non-formulary drug may be prescribed where formulary options have proven to be ineffective or not tolerated. If a patient is stabilised on a non-formulary drug for a condition where changing treatment would be inappropriate e.g. epilepsy, the medication should be continued, when the patient transfers between care settings.

  • First Line Choice
  • On Formulary
  • Specialist Initiation Only
  • Secondary Care Only
  • KMPT Initiation Only